Why You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident


If you happen to have been unfortunately injured as a direct result of someone else's negligence in driving his or her own car, the first thing you must realize is that you have rights that are protected and afforded by the law. Even if you still are recuperating from the injuries you suffered, you can't just sit there and wait it out; you must do something to protect your rights. Also, the fact that the injuries were caused by the negligence of another person means that you shouldn't be shouldering your own medical expenses. 

Because you likely are going to sue after the car accident, that alone is reason enough to hire a car accident lawyer. But if you still are in doubt, then read these very specific reasons below:

1. If you still don't know it yet, majority of the states in this country have statute of limitations for filing a claim against a car accident. For the most part, the period is from one to two years. Therefore, if you don't hire a lawyer to file your claim within that period, you will lose the right to do so.

2. You also need a lawyer if you get injured in a car accident because your insurance company will most certainly disagree with you in terms of getting what you deserve in the form of compensation. Even if insurance companies promise to protect you and compensate for the damages that could happen in the future, the reality is that they are merely loyal to their own company, which means they will fight hard not to give you what you deserve. With a competent lawyer by your side, you have someone who will help you in this battle.

3. Furthermore, the presence of a lawyer will be advantageous because in most cases, typical individuals like you aren't fully aware of what your potential damages are. The only way for you to realize how much you can get is by hiring a lawyer to break it down for you. Aside from medical bills, the claim could likewise include lost wages and compensation for the emotional distress as well as the pain you suffered as a direct result of the accident.

4. And when you're forced to take the issue to court because you and the party at fault couldn't agree on a settlement, then providing liability means the need for a dedicated and experienced car accident lawyer. Obviously, you don't have the capacity to do that on your own, unless of course you're a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases yourself.

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